Gcore launches first AI-powered speech-to-text translation service from English to Luxembourgish

Gcore I 2:33 pm, 8th February

Gcore, a Luxembourgish company specializing in public cloud and edge computing, AI, content delivery, hosting, and security solutions, is launching the first speech-to-text translation service from English to Luxembourgish, available for free.

A service made in Luxembourg on cutting-edge technologies

Aware of the increasing demand from the local public, expats, and Luxembourg businesses for translations from English to Luxembourgish, Gcore is making these communications as easy and efficient as possible. The company used artificial intelligence to successfully launch an advanced machine learning model for speech-to-text translation from English to Luxembourgish, powered by the state-of-the-art technology of Gcore Edge AI.

To train the machine learning model, Gcore utilized 16,000 hours of Luxembourgish recordings, leveraging advanced AI accelerators to handle the heavy computational workload. The training process used data provided by SNT (the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at the University of Luxembourg). Gcore used powerful IPUs to speed up training and inference, reducing latency for users and thus enhancing their experience of the tool.

Promoting the use of Luxembourgish in diverse contexts

Andre Reitenbach, CEO at Gcore, said: “Headquartered in Luxembourg, we at Gcore have been inspired to leverage our expertise to create an innovative digital tool for local benefit. This initiative aims to celebrate the richness of the national language and foster multilingualism. Our new tool allows for the easy use of Luxembourg’s national language in day-to-day settings. It also has the potential to facilitate the use of Luxembourgish on popular messaging applications and government-powered chat services. Companies and institutions willing to use the service can do so with ease by having their IT support integrate the service into the communications tools they use.”

The new Gcore Edge AI tool has broad use potential for anyone requiring fast and reliable translations from English to Luxembourgish. For example, it may be used to translate entire recordings for theatre, film, or music from English into Luxembourgish text, for example to create film subtitles. Gcore is currently working on enabling real-time translations to be used during conferences and events. The company’s near-future plans also include adding other widely used languages in Luxembourg to the translation tool, such as French and German, making speech-to-text translations a key mode of cross-language communication.

The model is constantly being improved and finetuned to ensure high-quality translations to Luxembourgish. It can be used for free via the Gcore Customer Portal. Learn more about how to use the AI-powered speech-to-text translator in the Gcore demo video.

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