Let’sFixID wins the Infrachain Challenge 2021

Press release Infrachain a.s.b.l. I 2:06 pm, 7th October

Luxembourg, October 07th, 2021

On 5th and 6th October, Edda Luxembourg, InTech, Let’sFixID, Neofacto, The Backstreets Boys and The Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST), participated in the second edition of the Infrachain Challenge, the blockchain hackathon.


Their task was to develop an innovative new application for the Public Sector Blockchain developed by the Ministry for Digitalisation on digital credentials and wallets. The Ministry for Digitalisation was also the sponsor of the event.


After 30 hours of brainstorming, planning, coding and designing, the six teams had 10 minutes each to convince the jury of their project. All teams had presented excellent projects. Following intense deliberations, the jury presided by Carlo Gambucci, Director at the Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique (S.I.G.I.), declared Let’sFixID  with their project MEETS ID as the winner of the 2021 edition. “It was really hard to elect a winner because they were all very good,” declared Gambucci.


The Lets’FixID team included experts in computer science, information systems engineering, and political sciences from SnT (University of Luxemburg), FIM Research Center (University of Bayreuth) as well as the Project Group Business and Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT.


“We’re really happy that we won. We feel that SSI is a technology for the future and we are glad we could learn more about this technology during the hackathon.,” commented Fabiane Völter, team member of Let’sFixID.


MEETS ID is a decentralized electronic prescription management system that aims to digitize, transform and simplify current prescription processes, speed up transactions, reduce costs, and increase transparency and trusts. It facilitates the procedures for exchanging verifiable information between doctors, pharmacies and health insurances. Double spending is costly. MEETS ID would prevent this and thus result in significant savings for the national healthcare budget.

1st and 2nd runner-up were the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) and Edda Luxembourg respectively. The former presented ESG, a "responsible treatment of electronic waste for a green economy based on rewards managed by blockchain." The latter’s project is called Private Data Exchange project and aims to "bring back consent control for the citizens."


The winning team was awarded EUR 5.000 in prize money, whereas the 2nd and 3rd ranked received EUR 3.500 and EUR 2.000.


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