Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape with a compliant cloud

NSI I 8:47 am, 24th June

Finding your way around ever-changing data privacy and security regulations can be challenging for organizations. In this evolving landscape, NSI Luxembourg and Cegeka provide its clients with “compliant solutions” in both public and private cloud. These solutions help customers in adhering to these regulations, providing businesses peace of mind when it comes to their data and business resilience. Gaetan Willems, Global Director Hybrid Cloud at Cegeka and Nathan Mangenot, General Director at NSI Luxembourg explain how NSI support is essential to evolve in this regulatory landscape.  

Organizations face multitude of challenges over their data, how NSI plays a central role?

GW: Organizations face a multitude of concerns over their application transformation and embedded data, something that is central to their business processes. They want to choose the appropriate “landing zone for their activities”, get guarantee on continuous performance and resilience in an evolving regulatory framework and nowadays sometimes complex geopolitical context.  

It is essential to know where their data is stored, who can access it, and when and by whom changes have been made. Additionally, different types of data require different levels of confidentiality – some are ultra confidential, while others can be seen, accessed and modified by everyone. This is where a rich and adapted hybrid cloud portfolio is required.

NM: The growing complexity of regulations demands that organizations address these challenges. That’s because these regulations about data privacy and security differ based on the organization’s type, their objectives and size. Some are sector-specific, while others are dependent on the country. For example, companies need to comply with European regulations like NIS2 (Enhancing the security of Network and Information Systems) and DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) for financial entities such as banks, insurance companies or investment firms.  

NSI Luxembourg supports companies in meeting their challenges and European or local regulations. Recently, we obtained the PFS (Professional of the Financial Sector) status which certifies the excellence of our services and enables us to become a solid partner for our clients in the banking and financial sector.  

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