Nexus2050: The Dots and Maison Moderne create a new annual international tech event in Luxembourg

Maison Moderne I 4:00 pm, 21st November

The Dots and Maison Moderne are thrilled to announce the launch of Nexus2050, an annual event with its inaugural edition set to take place in early summer 2024 in Luxembourg City. This unique initiative will serve as a focal point for professionals from around the world, providing insights into Luxembourg's vibrant tech landscape. Nexus2050 goes beyond the conventional conference format to become a pivotal moment, symbolizing a new era of innovation and technological collaboration at the heart of Europe. 

The International Tech Pulse: Inspire, Impact, Innovate 

The component of Nexus2050 titled "The International Tech Pulse" is designed to inspire and influence the technological ecosystem through meaningful interactions, showcasing the latest innovations and disruptive collaborations. Interactive sessions, inspirational presentations, and expert debates will be on the agenda to explore the impacts of technology across various sectors and its influence on our future. This dynamic space will offer opportunities to forge strategic partnerships and explore Luxembourg's potential as a technological hub. 

Ambitions and Program of Nexus2050 

Nexus2050 aims to bring together thought leaders, creators, and technology pioneers to discuss advancements and challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, the finance of tomorrow, and Europe's impact on the global tech stage. The event will provide an opportunity to establish strategic connections and discover Luxembourg as a dynamic and innovative technological center. 

Kamel Amroune, founder of The Dots and one of the initiators of Nexus2050, comments, "Through Nexus2050, we embark on an ambitious chapter for Luxembourg. We call on the international community to join us and witness the technological evolution we envision. Nexus2050 will be the catalyst for lasting transformation.

Mike Koedinger, founder of Maison Moderne and co-initiator of the project, adds, "Joining forces with Kamel Amroune, the mastermind behind many successful editions of ICT Spring, for the Nexus2050 project is a natural step for Maison Moderne. We look forward to continuing the legacy of what has been a flagship event, paving the way for a new era of innovation. Nexus2050 will be a witness to an evolution, acknowledging with respect the work accomplished for over a decade to enhance the country's appeal in the field of technologies.

Kamel Amroune explains, "The term 'Nexus2050' embodies the concept of a central connection or a series of connections linking multiple elements. It symbolizes the anticipated convergence of ideas, cultures, and technologies. The event's name reflects its ambition to be at the heart of an innovation network, acting as a bridge to the future.

Mike Koedinger further elaborates, "This new international event aims to support the government in its digital and ecological transition efforts, hence our reference to 2050, the year by which economies should achieve carbon neutrality. Nexus2050 will also contribute to attracting talent for Luxembourg's tech companies, as well as international firms seeking to establish a presence in Europe. We position ourselves as an agile and well-connected partner for numerous institutions in Luxembourg.

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