Expands Reach to 200 Communities and Empowers Four niche Social Networks

Socially I 3:44 pm, 31st May

Following the launch of its SaaS version in February 2024, scales to support 200 diverse communities and empowers four social networks. This growth paves the way for niche communities and alternative social networks to leverage's infrastructure for plans starting as low as 39$/month to flash lifetime offers starting at 69$.

Expanding Horizons with 200 Communities

Each community is tailored to meet the unique needs of its members, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting active participation & ensuring monetisation. From startup incubators,professional networks to specialised groups such as communities for cardiologists, chess players, forums for companies,beauty based influencer network, antique car lovers, e-learning, life coaches & SaaS provides a robust infrastructure that supports seamless interaction and resource sharing thus helping existing communities move away from facebook groups, discord etc.

Powering Four Niche Social Networks

In a strategic move to broaden its impact, has partner agreements with four upcoming social networks in fields of beauty,a business based social network. These partnerships ensure companies entering social space get market-ready from day 1 & benefit from the social infrastructure of 2 backends, 1 production & 1 dev environment, over 9 payment methods, 20+ languages, 150+ features & ios, android apps already at their disposal.

Expanding in USA/UK & Canada

Majority of socially’s communities cater to a diverse clientele, including creators, communities, universities, businesses, and SaaS companies in USA, UK & Canada. By offering a flexible and scalable platform, aims to empower these groups to build meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and drive growth.

Serving diverse communities:

Currently, serves more than 150,000 users across various communities, all hosted on custom domains. This impressive user base is a testament to the platform's ability to provide reliable and user-friendly services that meet the evolving needs of its members. Serving interesting communities from around the world

Niche Communities Driving Innovation:

Communities catering to niche subjects are surely driving innovation, discussion around topics previously never discussed or got lost on traditional social media. The aim of today’s community owner is to have 500 members paying 4.99$ a month to ensure monetisation, building phygital communities with regular meetups in various cities.

Looking Ahead:

The platform remains dedicated to providing amazing customer service to its communities, one of many reasons why community owners like, the platform already has gpt-4, dall-e & replicate Ai integrated for post & image generation.

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