Telindus becomes Corporate Baker on the Tezos blockchain and integrates the "Choose Your Baker" solution

Telindus I 12:52 pm, 19th January

Telindus has officially announced its involvement in the Tezos ecosystem as a Corporate Baker. Thanks to this new position, Telindus will contribute to the smooth running of the Tezos network by securing the blockchain and will actively participate in its governance.

Telindus Luxembourg makes its debut in the blockchain world by becoming Corporate Baker on Tezos. Its main role as Baker will be to create and validate blocks on the blockchain and to secure the network by actively participating in the governance, thanks to its voting right proportional to the number of tez (Tezos tokens) held. The new position of Telindus now allows it to integrate the Corporate Baker Benelux committee and thus to exchange on new projects related to Web 3.0. Thus, new perspectives are emerging for both B2B (Telindus) and B2C (Tango) activities on the blockchain ecosystem, via NFTs for example.

In particular, Telindus plans to implement the "Choose Your Baker" solution developed by Coexya, an independent and multi-specialist leader in the digital industry that operates as an integrator, software publisher and consulting firm. Thanks to this open-source solution, Telindus is able to filter out validation nodes that do not meet its compliance criteria such as certain regulatory requirements related to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (LBT/FT). An integration made possible with the advice and technical support of Nomadic Labs, the largest R&D center in the Tezos ecosystem.

"We are delighted to have Telindus Luxembourg as our new Corporate Baker and to accompany the teams in their first steps on the blockchain ecosystem with the integration of Choose Your Baker. Their vision will be an asset in securing and governing Tezos" says Hadrien Zerah, President of Nomadic Labs

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