Customer Relationship Management: Give us your opinion!

Techsense Team I 9:21 am, 10th February

In the context of a survey that we are conducting in partnership with Up CRM Luxembourg, we are interested in your opinion on Customer Relationship Management. This study aims to evaluate the maturity of organizations with regard to an issue that affects businesses on a daily basis, regardless of their size and the nature of their activity.

We want to understand the way your company and its peers plan their customers’ journey. But that’s not our only goal: We also seek to discover which CRM solution features are most likely to help you improve your daily customer interactions and sales force management. 

We look forward to hearing more about your views concerning: 

- customer relationship management, 

- customer data integration and analysis, 

- sales force automation, 

- marketing campaigns management, 

- customer support. 

Results will remain anonymous and will be communicated to you exclusively. 

Your opinion matters to us: please take a few minutes to answer the 12 questions of our survey!

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