Deep dive into the depths of the PSF ecosystem with Deloitte’s brochure

Deloitte Luxembourg I 11:58 am, 13th February

With the considerable growth of the Professionals of the Financial Sector (PSF) market, it is imperative to keep up with its intricacies. Deloitte Luxembourg’s brochure provides deep insights into the PSF ecosystem, covering essential aspects of the legal and regulatory framework.

Deloitte Luxembourg released a comprehensive report that casts light on the current, highly specific, and ever-evolving PSF environment. The report, “At the heart of regulatory and tax environments,” unravels the continuous maturation within the Grand Duchy’s regulatory and tax landscape and acts as a valuable resource to help decision-makers navigate the architecture of the PSF ecosystem.

"In the dynamic financial landscape of Luxembourg, PSFs continue to innovate and thrive. As they leverage the latest trends and maneuver legislative adjustments, they seize new opportunities and foster efficiency and synergies,” says Raphael Charlier, Partner and PSF Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg asserts. "Our brochure clarifies the intricate process of acquiring PSF status licenses and simplifies complex aspects of tax and regulatory frameworks. Through this publication, we aim to fuel success and resilience. At Deloitte, our dedicated and experienced team guides and assists all forms of PSFs, walking side by side with them on every step of their transformative journey."

Divided into three different sections, the 2023 report provides readers with a practical guide that summarizes trends, advantages, and conditions of obtaining PSF status licenses:

- The first chapter covers the authorization and licensing procedure, but also the supervision resources of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) – the supervisory authority – and the role played by réviseurs d’entreprises agréés who contribute to that supervision. 

- In chapter two, the report outlines the tax environment for PSF from a direct corporate tax and VAT perspective and further features some hot tax topics applicable to PSF. 

- The third and last section presents a profile analysis, together with individual fast-reference sheets for each PSF type, to list the most significant characteristics. Lastly, the appendices include a summary of applicable regulations and circulars, organizations representing PSF, and Deloitte’s range of services for this client base.

The 2023 report confirms a positive outlook for the sector, with a variety of opportunities to explore but also challenges to overcome. Access the full brochure at the following link: PSF - Regulatory and tax environments | Deloitte Luxembourg

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