Get ready for CSRD: transform your ESG reporting

Fujitsu I 8:27 am, 11th December

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is on the horizon, bringing new challenges to European businesses. To remain competitive and compliant, the shift to digital is imperative. Fujitsu Luxembourg and IBM support you in this major transition with Envizi, a comprehensive solution for collecting, managing, and analyzing sustainability data. Discover how to anticipate CSRD and accelerate your ESG performance for a sustainable future!

The challenge of CSRD: A regulation transforming the landscape

CSRD, coming into effect in January 2024, is a key element of the European Green Deal. It aims to harmonize the sustainability reporting of companies, placing environmental, social, and governance issues at the core of concerns.

The transition to a sustainable economy presents new challenges, but digital technologies prove to be indispensable pillars for successfully navigating this transformation and ensuring compliance with CSRD and meeting the growing sustainability requirements.

ESG investment for better performance

Insufficient data is a major obstacle for 41% of executives in implementing ESG initiatives. However, 72% see ESG as a revenue generator. With only 10% making significant progress, the need for a comprehensive and scalable solution is evident.

Accelerate ESG reporting with Envizi

Fujitsu and IBM position themselves as valuable allies to guide you through this transition. This regulatory evolution will not only affect a few companies directly but the entire supply chain. Together, let's meet these challenges to become more competitive than ever.

Envizi is a comprehensive software for collecting, managing, and analyzing sustainability data. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), it serves as a modular and scalable framework to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Envizi's value proposition:

Build a robust database: automate the capture and consolidation of over 500 types of data to create a unique and auditable system, delivering financially quality sustainability data.

Optimize reporting and disclosure: calculate greenhouse gas emissions and flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external requirements.

Accelerate decarbonization: unlock insights to inform the fastest and most cost-effective path to low-carbon goals.

CSRD represents a major turning point for Luxembourgish companies. The digital shift with Envizi is not only a regulatory necessity but also an opportunity to stand out and innovate. Get ready for CSRD with Fujitsu and IBM and transform your ESG challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth!

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