Luxembourg company EmailTree AI recognized by Forbes

Techsense team I 2:23 pm, 15th October

Forbes magazine ranked Luxembourg-based EmailTree AI among top 4 AI email automation tools. "Improving productivity and promoting automation are at the top of every company’s priority list. Using AI in your email processing improves your business’s ability to compete", says Forbes. Some of the article is reproduced below.

Inbox overload is a very real problem. Yet email remains one of the most important ways to communicate with prospects, clients and your team. 

Until recently, professionals were forced to perform monotonous and repetitive email-related tasks themselves. In order to save time and increase productivity, you should consider implementing an AI email processing tool. Not only will it reduce hassle, but it could dramatically increase your communications effectiveness and revenue.

EmailTree AI helps you automate your email writing to increase productivity. Automatic email classification allows frontline employees who engage with customers to categorize and send emails to the right person automatically. The tool’s AI technology also identifies the intent of customers based on their email content. This helps customer service reps save time by prioritizing customer issues and solving them at their root.

EmailTree AI can also schedule your email responses so they hit your recipient’s inbox at the right moment. And if you wish to write emails yourself, its composer comes with predefined blocks to give you a leg up.

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