Telindus and Billit are collaborating to ensure electronic billing via Peppol in Gesall solutions

Telindus I 9:02 am, 20th April

Following the introduction of the new law on electronic invoicing via Peppol, Telindus officially announces its collaboration with Billit to offer a complete electronic invoicing  service to its customers.

Since  mid-March,  electronic  invoicing  via  Peppol  (Pan - European  Public  Procurement  Online)  is  mandatory for   companies   working   with   Luxembourgish public   entities. This   platform - which   promotes   the dematerialisation of  trade  and  improves  the efficiency  of  public  procurement - aims  to enable  companies to  supply  goods  and  services  across  Europe,  whatever  the  sector  of activity. Following  these  new guidelines, Telindus has decided to collaborate with Billit, a global player in the field of electronic invoicing and  Peppol  solutions,  in  order  to  meet market  and  customer  needs.  Thanks  to  its  certified  access  points, Billit allows automated routing of invoices issued from Gesall.Net to Luxembourgish public administrations.

“The partnership with Telindus is in line with Billit's mission to make e-invoicing the standard for invoicing in Europe. Thanks  to  collaborations  with  partners  such  as  Telindus,  Billit  strengthens  its  position  on  the European market and brings reliable and affordable Peppol solutions to entrepreneurs in Luxembourg”, said Luc Bourdeaud’hui, Business Development Manager, Billit.

It is important for Telindus’ experts to collaborate with a trusted partner specialized in electronic invoicing and to support its customers in migrating to electronic invoicing via Peppol.  

“This  new  partnership  guarantees that  invoices  are  sent  electronically  from  its  billing  software  via  the  Peppol  network  and  thus  provides  an  end-to-end  service  between  the  issuer  and  the  invoice  receiver. It  is also  part  of  the  CSR  strategy  of  Telindus - and  its  customers - to  dematerialize  as  many  documents  as possible, including invoices”, said Jean Calçada, Head of Apsal & Gesall department, Telindus.

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