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Chris Skinner defines the Finverse as a concept “where the metaverse and crypto come together”.

Our event is therefore part of the MetaverseMonth! Finverse Forum invites you to discover the world of augmented and virtual realities applied to finance. This day has both an informative and discovery purpose.

This event will help you, on one hand, to better understand what’s behind Finverse and, on the other hand, to deal in depth with this new financial universe.

The Dots will produce, in partnership with the French painter and sculptor Raphaël Laventure, an NFT artwork that will be offered for sale in May.


10:30 AM - Doors opening, Expo & Demo

11.00 AM -  Finverse morning live

11.10 AM - Warm Up : Chat between John Karp, CEO, NFT Factory & Kamel Amroune, CEO, The Dots (in French) 

11.30 AM - "NFTs Playground: From Panini to Banksy" by Prof. Diana Derval, Chair, DervalResearch

11.45 AM - Open Stage discover 3 surprising NFTs, Crypto players to discover on site

Mehdi El Mansouri, COO & Abdelkader Mouloudjo, CEO of METACARD

Jesus  Pena, CEO, Nexify

Matthieu Bracchetti, CEO, Virtual Rangers

12:00 PM - Walking lunch & Expo

1:00 PM - Digital Asset Summit 

Opening Speech by Jaeyong Ahn, Director General, KOTRA Brussels 

1:05 PM - “The (Not-so) Stablecoin Debacle”, Jake Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, GOPAX

1:20 PM - Panel Session “Expansion of the crypto universe: new opportunities for traditional investors”

●      Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Founder, VNX

●      Michael Jackson, Chairman of Arcane Crypto AS

●      Max Shin, CEO of Burrito Wallet 

●      Youngjun Jang, Co-founder and General Partner, Edimus capital

1:50 PM - Use case: “How journalism adopted Crypto / NFT. Case study of MK Economy” by Suho Park, Journalist, MK Media Group

2:05 PM - Use case: “Tokenization of gold and precious metals. New opportunities for traditional assets in crypto world” by Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Founder VNX


2: 20 PM - Startup Pitch Session

Welcoming speech by Stephane Pesch, CEO of LPEA

2:30 PM - Pitch session:

moderated by Jiyeon KWON, Manager, KOTRA 

NFT based wine investment platform, Jae Rin HAN, CSO, BLINKERS 

NFT marketplace, Cecilia Park, Head of Strategy & Development, CRISPY WHALES 

P2E game, Jakyung Gu, CEO and founder, GLEN STUDIO 

NFT based SNS, Alex Junsung Lim, Global Marketing/Strategy Lead, KARRY

2:45 PM - Q&A and Closing remarks

3:00 PM - Break/expo

4:00 PM - How tokenisation can shape a new financial landscape for alternative assets by Deloitte

Introduction words by Thibault Chollet, Technology & Enterprise Applications, Deloitte

Pitch sessions: Tokenisation platforms by use case

- Real estate – Jean-Paul Scheuren, Director, BlocHome

- Artwork – Dominik Kara, Head of Business Risk Management & Gabriel Übleis, Product Manager, VP Bank

- SME ESG capital – Otto Nino, Chief Product Officer, Marco Polo Exchange

- Securitized infrastructure debt – Antonio Vitti, CEO, Pontoro

Pitch sessions: Technology enablers

- Custody – John Cronin, CEO,  Zodia Custody

-       Florian Le Goff, CEO, Synaps

5:00 PM - Why and how to invest in NFTs? by Xavier Buck, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

5:20 PM - Crypto assets, NFTs, are they really becoming mainstream? by Owen Simonin, Entrepreneur Blockchain & Crypto - Hasheur and CEO & founder of Just Mining

Fireside chat

5:40 PM - #1 Investor view by Frank Desvignes, Global Head of Open Innovation at AXA Next

5:50 PM - #2 Tech view by Louis Chevalier, Adoption Manager Benelux at Nomadic Labs (TEZOS)

6:00 PM - #3 Artist vision by Félicie le Dragon, iconoclast entrepreneur, author, and advisor at NFT Madam

6:10 PM - Roundtable "Investment Coins Vs NFTs, a new battlefield?" with 

Matthieu Saubin, Ambassadeur Polygon France & Advisor web3 projects , Polygon

- Romain Swertvaeger, Audit Associate Partner, EY

- Louis Chevalier, Adoption Manager Benelux at Nomadic Labs (TEZOS)

Moderated by Biba Homsy, Regulatory & Crypto Lawyer

6:40 PM - Closing speech by Nasir Zubairi , CEO, The LHoFT 

7:00 PM - End of happening & Networking cocktail

8:00 PM - VIP Seated dinner (upon invitation or booking)

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